2018 Monthly Meetings - (3rd Wednesday of each month)


Date              Speaker
Wednesday, 20th December  Lunch  Members

Wednesday, 17th January 2018

Ladies Lunch     


Wednesday, 21st February Lunch

Stephen Barber
'Too Dark too see the truth' (Child Aid in Eastern Europe)

Wednesday, 21st March  Lunch  tba
Wednesday, 18th April Lunch

Alan Haines 
'A kick up the 60's'

Wednesday, 16th May Lunch AGM
Wednesday, 20th June Lunch Garry Wykes
'Treasure of the Tower '
Wednesday,  17th July Ladies
Wednesday, 15th August Lunch

Stephen Chater
'Ruin, Wren & Renewal - Fire of London'

Wednesday, 19th September Lunch Richard Sharp
'Hops the Key to Beer Flavour'
Wednesday, 17th October Lunch Chris Truran
'Dabs & DNA'
Wednesday, 21st November Lunch

Adrienne Dines

'The Art of Storytelling'

Wednesday, 19th December Lunch Members